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ColorMunki Software

The ColorMunki comes with three software applications: ColorMunki Photo, Photo ColorPicker, and Digital Pouch. ColorMunki Photo is your one-stop shop for calibration. Whether you wish to calibrate your screen, printer, or match the two together, this is where you start. Most photographers will probably only need to use ColorMunki Photo. The other two applications are for professional designers or photographers who need to accurately choose and match colors for product photography or other technical applications.

Photo ColorPicker is a creative tool for color palettes. This is where X-Rite’s ownership of Pantone shines through. Photo ColorPicker is similar to Adobe’s Kuler Web application, but it runs on your computer. You can import colors from your ColorMunki and generate palettes from photos. It also contains swatch libraries for you to mix and match from: Munsell Glossy, PANTONE® Goe coated and uncoated, and a basic Color Group library. When you select a color, the sidebar lets you explore a variety of harmonies (monochromatic, analogous, split complement, triadic, and complement) and you can export your palettes to Quark and Adobe applications.

Palette generated from photo in Photo ColorPicker
Palette generated from photo in Photo ColorPicker

DigitalPouch packages color-managed photos for sending to clients. This is potentially a very useful feature of the ColorMunki Photo suite, but I didn’t have enough use for this in my workflow to review it.

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