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Beyond Calibration

There aren’t many gadgets that get both me and my girlfriend excited. We both share an interest in photography, her background is in architecture and mine is in software. Like me, she finds calibration boring, so it was the ColorMunki’s ability to sample colors from surfaces that got us both excited.

For her, the ColorMunki is a tool for art projects and interior design. She can scan paint samples and generate color palettes, or she can load a photo and plan out colors to coordinate with it. We even scanned colors from fabrics and wood (not endorsed uses). The designers of the ColorMunki might recoil in horror at the idea of a throw pillow being used as a color strip, but we did it. I’ll even admit that I had more fun with this than her.

For me, the ColorMunki a tool for photography as well as industrial and Web design. Just last week I had to look at a variety of plastic samples for a robot I’m working on. I can sample the plastic colors with the ColorMunki and use those colors in Photoshop for our mockups. I can also use the Photo ColorPicker application to explore color palettes to give feedback on color themes for Web site designs. I’ve never taken a course in Color Theory, so I was happy to have software that did the harmony work for me.

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