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Metz flashes, good or no good?

The past two weeks I've been trying to decide on the right flash for my Canon. I know there is the 580EX and the 430 but they are really expensive. I've been researching a couple of the off brands and I read a really good review of this model from Metz [url]http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/ ... Read More »

anyone used bower flashes>

so i bought a used 42am but the guy has done a runner with my money. so i can only afford to get a bower now. thoughts? no good?Read More »

Need Help With Flashes

I got my new Canon T1i and have been just playing around with it. Its my very first DSLR, I used to have a Canon PowerShot a640. I use my cameras mostly to take pics of my son and pets, and when I travel I get some scenery shots and outdoor stuff. Im not looking for a career in photography, so I don ... Read More »

Portrait using hotshoe flashes

I've been using two 580EXll speedlites and a Vivitar 285HV hotshoe flash for the portability factor. I have them on lightstands as well as having some modifiers. In this case, I had a 580EXll firing into a 16x24 softbox on subject right. Positioned above and forward of the subject. Another 580EXll w ... Read More »

Questions about Flashes

Hey Folks, I am new to the forum, however, not a complete rookie when it comes to photography :P thank god. We recently picked up a Canon EOS 7D and have recently been disappointed when trying to shoot in the woods. I was shooting at a ISO of 2000, which after some though and talking with a friendl ... Read More »

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