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Best Entry-Level Digital SLRs Guide

I know there are a lot of people here looking for guidance on cameras for the Holidays. I've got your back! I just finished a Top 5 guide for entry-level digital SLRs. I chose what I think are the five best digital SLRs for beginners or photographers looking to upgrade from a compact camera. They're ... Read More »

Digital SLRs With Video

Canon and Nikon have both announced digital SLRs with video now. The Nikon D90 was first and now we also have the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. What do you think about the addition of video capture to digital SLRs? Is this something you would use? Is it something you've been expecting or hoping for? Or is i ... Read More »

Canon EF “Upgrade” Lens Guide For EOS Digital SLRs

What is the best combination of better quality lenses to use with my semi-pro or consumer grade Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera? To answer that question, I have compiled a list of lenses that I have personally found to be the best choices for my style of photography and budget (maybe yours too). This ... Read More »

Olympus E-410 and E-510 Digital SLRs

Although we're still waiting on the E-1 replacement, Olympus introduced two new digital SLRs at PMA 2007 - the E-410 and the E-510. The E-410, pictured above, is targeted at new DSLR users and people with smaller hands. However, if you're an outdoor photographer that wants a compact digital ... Read More »

New Lenses For Pentax Digital SLRs

Just got back from PMA and I'm still working on show coverage. I just made a post in our PMA blog about Pentax-compatible lenses. Pentax introduced two new pro lenses, but I took special note of the Schneider glass that Samsung is offering - especially the D-Xenogon 35mm f/2.0 lens. I just made a po ... Read More »

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