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Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT / 350D Digital SLR
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT / 350D Digital SLR

Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot G9 Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot G9 Digital Camera

Canon EOS Rebel XSi / 450D digital SLR
Canon EOS Rebel XSi / 450D

Canon PowerShot A590 IS Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot A590 IS Digital Camera

Canon EOS 40D digital SLR camera
Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR

Canon PowerShot SD890 IS digital camera
Canon PowerShot SD890 IS Digital Camera

Canon EOS 5D digital SLR camera
Canon EOS 5D Digital SLR

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Canon Cameras Overview

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by Photo-John
A Short History of Canon Cameras
Canon began in Tokyo, in 1933, as the Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory. The founders wanted to build cameras that could compete with the German rangefinder cameras of the day. Their first prototype was finished in 1934. It was called, the Kwanon (the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy), and was the first Japanese-made 35mm focal-plane shutter camera. The brand name "Canon" was first used in 1935 and the first camera to carry the name was the Hansa Canon 35mm rangefinder, announced in December of 1935.

After World War II, occupying forces in Japan became very interested in Japanese cameras. The newly renamed, Canon Camera Company, was one of the beneficiaries of this interest and expanded quickly.

Canon introduced their first 35mm SLR, the Canonflex, in 1959. The F-1, the first professional "workhorse" body from Canon, hit the market in 1971. In 1976 they released what is arguably their most historically significant camera, the AE-1 - the world's first camera with an integrated microprocessor. The Canon AE-1 offered shutter-priority auto exposure as well as other microprocessor controlled functions and won many design and engineering awards around the world.

The first EOS auto focus SLR

was introduced in 1986 and the EOS-1 professional auto focus SLR followed in 1989. The Canon EOS-1, in its various incarnations, ruled the world of professional sports photography for years, with the fastest and most accurate auto focus available. Big, white Canon EF telephoto lenses were almost all you saw at sports events until the late 1990s.

Canon introduced their first digital camera, the DCS 3, a hybrid digital SLR, in 1995. The Canon PowerShot S10, a 2.1-megapixel compact digital camera hit the streets in 1999. The EOS D30, Canon's dedicated digital SLR, was released in 2000. Canon currently offers a wide variety of digital cameras, including the PowerShot compact digital cameras and a full range of digital SLRs.

Canon Digital SLR (DSLR) Cameras
Canon digital SLRs can be divided into three groups, the professional digital SLR bodies, the prosumer and photography enthusiast cameras, and the entry-level, EOS Digital Rebel cameras. Canon's pro bodies (35mm and digital) are indicated by the "EOS-1" designation. There are currently two pro digital SLRs, the EOS 1D Mark II N, and the full-frame EOS 1Ds Mark II. Canon is the only camera manufacturer currently making "full-frame" (24x36mm with a 1x digital crop factor) digital SLRs, the EOS 1Ds Mark II and the EOS 5D. The EOS 20D and EOS 30D prosumer/enthusiast bodies have a 1.6x digital crop factor and 8-megapixels of resolution.

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Canon PowerShot Digital Cameras
Canon has a full range of PowerShot compact digital cameras - from ultra-compact, pocket-sized cameras, to full-featured compacts that have more in common with digital SLRs than point-and-shoots. The Digital ELPH compacts are some of the most recognizable digital cameras and have been for quite a few years. The A-Series PowerShot digital cameras are known for their ease-of-use, full set of features, and easy-to-get AA batteries. And like most manufacturers, Canon has an image stabilized super-zoom camera, the PowerShot S3 IS.

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Canon 35mm SLRs
Canon has not abandoned the 35mm faithful. They currently have five cameras in their 35mm SLR roster: the EOS 1v professional 35mm body, the EOS Elan 7N mid-range enthusiast camera, and two entry-level Rebel 35mm SLRs. The EOS 3 and the Elan 7NE are the only cameras available with Canon's exclusive Eye Controlled Focus.

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