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Off-Topic Forum Moderator, adina
Off-Topic Forum Moderator
Adina St. John's first real interests in photography came around the same time as her first baby. In 2005 she went into the child portraiture business. Right now, she is working completely on location, using natural light, and has been fortunate enough to be successful at something she really enjoys doing.
General Digital Cameras Forum & Photo Project Forum Moderator, almo
General Digital Cameras Forum Moderator
Photo Project Forum Moderator
John Cowan been fascinated with photography from the first time he saw someone taking pictures with a 110 camera. He still loves to shoot film, but now he sees himself as a digital photographer. It's with a digital camera that he will continue his photographic journey.
Reviews Moderator, A.M.D.A.
Reviews Moderator
A.M.D.A. became interested in photography in the year 2006. He prefers nature/wildlife, though occasionally also practises other types of photography.
ViewFinder Forum and Help Files Forum Moderator, another view
another view
ViewFinder Forum Moderator
Help Files Forum Moderator
Steve Muntz's adventure in photography began when he was in middle school due to a grandfather and uncle who were both active photographers. He shoots a variety of subjects while traveling, using both digital and film.
Studio and Lighting Forum & Photography As Art Forum Moderator, Asylum Steve
Asylum Steve
Photography As Art Forum Moderator
Studio and Lighting Forum Moderator
Steven Hlavac has a BA degree in Art (with a concentration in Photography and Communications Design) and has his own Web site, The Photo Asylum, which he finds to be the perfect outlet for promoting both his gallery and commercial work.
Photo Gallery Moderator, dana m.
dana m.
Photo Gallery Moderator
Dana Minnis came to photography late in life but has been involved in the art world for many years and has a "good eye" mostly due to her art background. Dana has been a member since 2006 and she's here to make the novice feel right at home and comfortable with themselves.
Nikon Camera Equipment Forum Moderator, deckcadet
Nikon Camera Equipment Forum Moderator
Harrison Diamond can rarely be seen without a camera in hand. Harrison works for the Independent Florida Alligator, the largest student-run newspaper in the United States, where he shoots covering news, features, and even college sports. He enjoys sharing his passion for photography, DSLRs, and Nikon in any way he can.
Photo Project Forum Moderator, Didache
Photo Project Forum Moderator
Mike Dales bought his first camera in 1974 and about 5 years ago he began to take photography more seriously. In 2008, Mike was awarded an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society for a project on the London Underground and as of this year, he will be registered as a photographic judge by the county photographic association.
Internet and Web Design Forum Moderator,  Flashram_Peter_AUS
Internet and Web Design Forum Moderator
Peter Schuck became interested in photography after his career as a nurse. He runs a computer business and loves offering advice to people on a range of computer-related issues. Web design is also one of his passions.
Nikon Camera Equipment Forum Moderator, Franglais
Nikon Camera Equipment Forum Moderator
Charles Tompkins has always been surrounded by photography. His father was a keen amateur photographer - he wrote a book on taking pictures of racing cars in the 1940's. Charles just carries on the family tradition.
Photo Project Forum Moderator, Frog
Photo Project Forum Moderator
John Warwick took a lot of pics with a kodak box camera when he was young and was always fascinated with the old photo albums. He fell away from photography but bought a D80 in 2006 and has been clicking ever since.
Photo Critique Forum Moderator, gahspidy
Photo Critique Forum Moderator
Gary Heller has been seriously working on his photography for about three years now and displays his work at various exhibits and galleries throughout New York where he currently resides. Photography enables him to combine his interests and love of the technical side of the craft with his passions for creativity and expression.
Camera Dealer Feedback Forum Moderator, Grandpaw
Camera Dealer Feedback Forum Moderator
Jeff Impey developed an interest in photography by watching his dad take slides and seeing all the memories he captured over the years. Jeff retired in 2004 and wanted to spend as much of his time learning more about photography and trying to make some spending money off his long time hobby. He enjoys taking photos of all kinds of subjects but seems to enjoy shooting landscapes, night photography and older buildings the most.
Olympus & 4/3 Forum Moderator, Greg McCary
Greg McCary
Olympus & 4/3 Forum Moderator
Greg McCary has turned very serious with his photography for the last two years. He is founder of the Camera Around the World Thread and his main interest is Architectural, Landscape and night photography.
Photography As Art Forum Moderator, Irakly Shanidze
Irakly Shanidze
Photography As Art Forum Moderator
Irakly Shanidze is the founder of the International Academy of Photographic Arts, where he actively teaches artistic side of photography online and holds seminars and workshops across the US and Europe. Irakly's artistic interests these days are revolving around unconventional and surreal representation of female beauty and elaborate staged photography that one may call photo-theatre.
Sports Photography Forum Moderator, JSPhoto
Sports Photography Forum Moderator
John Stark has always been a racing and sports fan and shoots mostly sports for area newspapers and does a lot of freelance work for other papers and some magazines as well. The best thing he has had the opportunity to shoot was when his old high school in Nappanee won it's first ever football state championship!
News & Rumors Forum Moderator, kellybean
News & Rumors Forum Moderator
Kelly Crandall has considered herself a photographer since 1983, when she served as Chief Photographer for her high school yearbook and Photo Editor for the school newspaper. Her greatest love is travel photography and her second love is aerial photography, shooting geological landscapes from commercial aircraft.
Reviews Moderator, ken1953
Reviews Moderator
Ken Sundwall has always been interested in photography but has only recently become an active photographer. His interests are ecclectic, which include, his family, music, and operating his ham radio. His main subjects, besides his family, are motorcycles, classic cars and landscapes/scenery.
Canon Forum Moderator, livin4lax09
Canon Forum Moderator
Brent Doscher has a true passion for sports and photography and has accomplished a lot for his age. He has already been published in multiple newspapers, attended an NCAA event twice with a press pass, owns a small business, is the primary sports shooter at his campus paper, and is building a portfolio.
Nature and Wildlife Forum Moderator, Loupey
Nature and Wildlife Forum Moderator
Hideta Nagai has been shooting with an SLR of one kind or another for over half his life. College, career, and family responsibilities definitely put some diversions to his photographic interests, but has made a conscious decision to return to photography and the subjects he loves most - nature, wildlife, and landscapes.
Photography As Art Forum Moderator, Megan
Photography As Art Forum Moderator
Megan is a fine artist living in Astoria, NY, and has been photographing for over 20 years. She has been actively showing work in galleries for the last 5 years, and her work will appear in an upcoming book on toy camera photography.
Photo Critique Forum Moderator, mtbbrian
Photo Critique Forum Moderator
Brian L. Schiele has been a photographer for eighteen years. He likes to photograph people, especially people mountain biking, since he is equally passionate about mountain biking. One day, he hopes to be able to work full-time as a professional photographer.
Photo Gallery Moderator, Old Timer
Old Timer
Photo Gallery Moderator
Larry Gooding has been a shutterbug for nearly 40 years. For several years he did wedding and event photography. Today his photo interests include sports, nature and macro.
Nature and Wildlife Forum Moderator, Paulnj
Nature and Wildlife Forum Moderator
Paul Almendinger has always enjoyed nature, especially birding and calls himself a self-proclaimed bird nerd. He enjoys taking pictures of birds and nature while birding with friends.
Photo Gallery Moderator, pweb
Photo Gallery Moderator
Pam has been interested in art of one kind or another all her life. Several years ago she picked up a digital camera for the first time and realized that this is what she'd been looking for. Besides filling up 4-gb cards shooting flowers in her yard, she goes on photo treks, takes photography classes and reads to learn everything possible about her newest passion.
General Digital Cameras Forum Moderator, Sebastian
General Digital Cameras Forum Moderator
Sebastian Szyszka grew up working with computers doing digital imaging, 3D animation, and illustrations. Over the years his skills on the digital end started merging with his skills on the photographic side of things. He understands the computer side of today's cameras and has a passion for the art of photography.
Digital Video Forum Moderator, Skyman
Digital Video Forum Moderator
Simon Dolle's journey into the world of images has been a series of coincidences. He has taught photography and video with several youth and community groups and is currently working as an editor/designer.
Sports Photography Forum Moderator, SmartWombat
Sports Photography Forum Moderator
Paul Maskens' first camera was a Zenit EM with f/2 50mm. After his first Formula One race he became hooked again on photography-this time with motorsport as the subject. His aim is to pass on what he's learned to the other people on the forum. Not just action photography, but also leaning on his computing experience as well.
General Digital Cameras Forum Moderator, VanillaKisses
General Digital Cameras Forum Moderator
Heather Bruins got her first camera when she was 6 years old and loves taking pictures of her kids, neices, and nephew, but her favorite is macro photography.
Viewfinder and Off-Topic Forums Moderator, walterick
Viewfinder Forum Moderator
Off-Topic Forum Moderator
Walter "Rick" Long shoots predominately nature with a penchant for nighttime landscapes and all-manual film cameras remain his passion. He moved to the desert southwest in 2005 and has enjoyed shooting the desert environment there since.
Film Cameras and Photography Forum Moderator, Xia_Ke
Film Cameras and Photography Forum Moderator
Aaron Lehoux has always had a love of the woods and nature and started taking a camera along on his hikes to take snapshots. In the Summer of 2007, Aaron decided to try shooting and developing b&w film. After pulling his first roll out of the tank, he was HOOKED! There is now rarely a moment that his Rolleicord V and a spare roll of film arent nearby.

Writers and Pro Reviewers:

Pro Camera Tester, BLS439
Pro Camera Tester
David Pawlak has worked as a professional photographer for the past two and one half years shooting action extreme sports; including: mountain bike, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and skiing. He is venturing into the realm of college and professional sports and has shot weddings, portraits, lifestyles, and a variety of other type of images in the past.
Writer, diglloyd
Lloyd L Chambers is a longtime photographer and one of his specialties is infrared photography. He uses a variety of formats including 35mm, 4X5, 6X7 and 617 film, as well as numerous digital cameras.
Pro Camera Tester, dollop
Pro Camera Tester
Robert Burns lives in San Francisco and has been photographing for over 15 years. He has been running an event photography business since 2001.His passion for travel and photography have taken him all over the world.
Pro Camera Tester, drg
Pro Camera Tester
C.D. Price, a third generation photographer, work in photography includes commercial, archival, and documentation projects. Architecture is his first choice of subject material. Recently he has been exploring new technology and subjects along with variations of older photographic techniques.
Writer, Edward Ginsberg
Edward Ginsberg
Edward Ginsberg graduated with a BFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute. His photographs have been exhibited in both Europe and the United States and are in collections of the Bibliotheque Nationale (Paris), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Oakland Museum (California), and the Hungarian Museum of Photography (Kecskemet).
Pro Camera Tester and Writer, kwc
Pro Camera Tester and Writer
Ken Conley loves taking pictures of cycling for the cycling, photography, and the travel. He is also a part-time professional cycling photographer and his photos have appeared in various cycling publications, Web sites and advertisements.
Pro Camera Tester, larrylgreenhill
Pro Camera Tester
Larry Greenhill's adventure in photography began when he was in high school. He has a strong interest in nature and wildlife photography and has attended workshops in Montana, Yellowstone Park, and Hawaii. He currently works in digital and feels that seeing a new place is always photographically inspiring.
Pro Camera Tester, LRY
Pro Camera Tester
Laurence Chen has a master's degree in photography and photojournalism and has worked as a professional photographer for about eight years. Most of his photography involves revealing people just as themselves with a minimum amount of production.
Pro Camera Tester, nhatgnat
Pro Camera Tester
Nhat Meyer has worked as a staff photographer for newspapers for the past 10 years, where he's covered everything from the Olympics to community parades. Although he does a little bit of everything at the San Jose Mercury News, most of his time is spent shooting sports in the fall and spring - mainly pro and college football and then college basketball.
Pro Camera Tester, patia
Pro Camera Tester
Patia Stephens worked in one-hour and professional E-6 labs for seven years before becoming a writer, editor and web content manager. She recently embarked on a freelance career and is working on a nonfiction book.
Writer, prophotolife
Jim Talkington has been a professional photographer for over twenty years and he freely shares those many years of experience on his informational website, Throughout the 1990s Jim traversed the country photographing motorcycle racing for advertising and editorial clients located around the world. Since 2000, he has settled closer to home, spending the majority time in the commercial studio.
Pro Camera Tester and Studio & Lighting Forum Moderator, racingpinarello
Pro Camera Tester
Loren Crannell does professional photography for commercial and wedding clients but his true passion is travel and nature photography. He has traveled to many countries in the world with the primary interest of capturing the landscapes and cityscapes of these places.
Pro Camera Tester, thomsanborn
Pro Camera Tester
Thom Sanborn's love of photography began when he was just a kid. Most of his photography involves revealing people just as themselves with a minimum amount of production. After flourishing for more than 15 years he decided to make a move and open a more personalized studio with his wife.



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