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ken1953’s Equipment:

Primary System
Pentax *ist DL
• 2GB SanDisk Ultra II Secure Digital Card
• 256MB Kodak Secure Digital Card
• Pentax SMC DA 18-55mm Zoom Lens
• Pentax SMC DA 50-200mm f4-5.6 ED Zoom Lens
Slik Pro 700DX Tripod with 3 way pan head

Point and Shoot Systems
Nikon Coolpix 8400
Lexar Professional Series CompactFlash 80x / 40x
Kodak EasyShare DX4330
256MB SanDisk Secure Digital Card


Reviews Moderator, ken1953

About ken1953
Hi all! My name is Ken Sundwall and I am the Reviews Moderator. I have only recently become an active photographer and am trying to learn how to become a better photographer. Because of this, I found PR in June, 2005 and was enamored by the people here.

When Photo John asked for help, I offered my services, even though I had very little experience in photography. John felt that the Reviews section would be the ideal place for me since it required very little experience in photography but needed someone with the time to constantly monitor the many reviews that were being posted. Well that fit my bill perfectly. Not only would it fill some of my spare time, but would also help me to learn the various photographic equipment and materials that are available.

So, who is Ken Sundwall? I am just a man with eclectic interests, beginning with my family. I am the father of 5 beautiful daughters and 7 fantastic grandchildren, with #8 on the way. Now, before you jump to any conclusions, only 2 of the daughters are my natural daughters. They are twins and are my pride and joys. One of my daughters has blessed me with a grandson. As for the other 3, they are every bit my daughters in my heart. My oldest one is my daughter from my second wife (the twins mother). Since I raised her from birth, I have never thought of her as anything but my natural daughter. She has given me a beautiful granddaughter. Then comes my 2 daughters here in Wisconsin. Between them, I have 5 more grandchildren. Two girls and 3 boys, whew...hehe.

Last, but definitely not least, is my wonderful wife, Kim. We met in 1997 on the internet. After a few months of many online hours and telephone calls, we decided to meet. I lived in Arizona at the time and she lived here in Wisconsin. At the time, my kids were living with my ex in Arizona, so I decided it was easier for me to come here. The rest is history. We hit it off immediately and were officially married on March 13, 2003 in a "drive thru" ceremony in Las Vegas. It was fun.

My interests are ecclectic. I went to college for Music, which is my lifelong love. I am a classically trained vocalist (bass), and play many instruments (none too well), including guitar, keyboards and drums. My favorite music is rock and roll, but like I tell most people, I like everything from Monteverdi to Megadeth and beyond...hehehehe...

I am also a ham radio operator. My call sign is KC9EXE (formerly KC7AIS). I haven't been real active for a couple of years, but still keep my ear to the radio in emergencies. Among other things, I am a Vietnam Veteran and am a life member of the VFW and the LOTCS (Cooties, which is an elite group of the VFW). I have also been a member of many other military groups, including The American Legion and AMVETS. In college, I was active in many Music Organizations, including M.E.N.C, and A.C.D.A, and also my fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.

How did I become interested in photography? Well, I've always been interested, but could never afford the equipment and the processing. Then, about 3 years ago, my daughter bought a Kodak DX 4330. She hated it. The year before, my wife and I had bought a nice video camera. The cost was about the same on both, so we swapped even, and the rest is history. I quickly outgrew the 16mb internal memory and purchased a 256 SanDisk SD card. Until 12/01/05, it has been my only camera. I have shot over 25000 pictures with this little camera and am not ready to retire it, but, I bought a Nikon Coolpix 8400, since I am trying to improve my photography and need a camera that I can learn actual "photographic" techniques, which the Kodak didn't offer. As of Feb. 2006, I purchased my wife a Pentax *ist DL. After only 2 weeks of playing with her camera, I decided to get me one as well. Besides moving up to a DSLR, we decided to take our photography a step further and signed up for a photography course through the New York Institute of Photography.

My main subjects, besides my family, are "MOTORCYCLES", classic cars, nature/wildlife, macro and landscapes/scenery. My favorite way of shooting motorcycles and cars is while driving or as they are driving by. Although I am not opposed to shooting them while they are parked. hehe... I have also become interested in macro photography. This was a surprise to me as it was something I had never thought about. But I began shooting everything in site and discovered that I really like it!!!! I have tried a few portraits and way!!! I don't have the patience for it. My hat is off to all those who can get others to do what they want them to do!!! I can't!!! sheesh...

In closing, has been a godsend to my education as a photographer. My photography and understanding of photography has grown by leaps and bounds since I joined. I hope some day to moderate other forums as my expertise grows. Happy shooting and I look forward to reading reviews from everyone, so keep me busy!!!

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