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Brian’s Equipment:

Nikon F-100
AF24mm f/2.8D Nikkor
AF180mm f/2.8D ED-IF Nikkor
SB-80DX Flash
Crumpler Harry Palmer Device Bag
• 2 Holga Toy Cameras

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About Brian Schiele (aka: mtbbrian)
     "I Ride my bike, to Ride my bike..."
       From a Zen proverb

Forum moderator, Mtbbrian - Photo by Quinn Jacobson - Greetings fellow PhotoReviewers! My name is Brian L. Schiele. I have been a photographer for eighteen years. I took my first photography class in junior high school and continued taking pictures and photography classes through high school. I went on from there to Weber State University, where I worked on the student newspaper while studying communication, journalism and photography of course, which was my minor.

Most of what I like to photograph involves people, especially people mountain biking. Since I am an equally passionate about mountain biking, it seemed natural for me to turn my camera towards mountain biking. Living in Utah has given me the opportunity to experience both photography and mountain biking thoroughly. I am fortunate to have a very talented pool of mountain bikers to photograph and very fortunate to be able to have such sweet singletrack nearby.

My work experience is varied, but I am currently working full time for the National Guard, which I have been a part of more than fifteen years. One day, I hope to be able to work full-time as a professional photographer.

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